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Author Topic: This Was On Ebay
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Saw this post on ebay, not sure of what to think about it, but I found it interesting:

Please read the questions and answers at the bottom. There is no eagles disk for sell in this auction just the foundation 2 set and information to help KJ's decide whether or not to deal with SC and their tactics.

I have heard recently that according to new laws in Australia, Sound Choice and it's sister company Clark Music (Kurt Schlep's brother or cousin) to whom SC has sold the rights to previously recorded karaoke tracks will have to shut down due to the fact that all the recording were made and liscensed for production only in the USA. This information came from a top exectutive at a major Karaoke manufacturer. This is just another way SOUND CHOICE has tried to swindle the original artists out of their rightful commisions. I noticed their websites are still up but they have broken the law before and may be waiting to get caught again! Just another way SC has tried to break the LAW.

The now out of business (theives) SC (last disk produced 2009) are afraid that what you read here will undermind there lies. I recently received this message from the big dummy himself. I don't think he is american because he has no idea what free speech is! FEAR is a powerful thing, but he started it with BLACKMAIL! Says Sound choice; "Either give us $6500 or I may sue you based on hearsay, rumor and innuendo from the people who want your gigs(so-called investigators)" As you can see I am soooo scared.

SOUND CHOICE produced some illegal disks (One of which, the music from the Eagles, Don Henley sued them big and won easy) many years ago (The Eagles disk# SC8125). I own this disk and are getting together many other KJ's that also own this disk so we can sue SC for selling illegal disks to us. This disk is usless now because if you play the disk in a performance you are breaking the law and can be sued as well! Even if the original disk is in the machine! There were 2000 sold and estimated 1000 still on the street, if you are an owner of this disk please contact me and I will give the the name of the lawyer preparing this case against SOUND CHOICE, we estimate damages in the range of $1000 per KJ who owns and original copy of this disk. Total damages could exceed ONE MILLION DOLLARS. Kurt, your goose is cooked, Happy Holidays!

Message from supposed sound choice idiot;
"Do you really feel the need for another lawsuit against you!
You keep this up and you will be getting one sooner than later I have been copying and pasting every one of these that I come across, I realize you are pretty stupid but you are helping your situation.
If you hadn't tried to cover up the fact that you were running a pirtated system you wouldn't be in the mess you are in now!
Good Luck!
- simeli"

In response to Pirated system allegations: Hey KURT, you must be pretty stupid to steal from "The EAGLES". Karaoke is a JOKE and is DEAD, That is why I am selling old karaoke disks as fast as I can, they are worthless like you. So shut up and stop harrasing me before I spend a few bucks and sue you like The Eagles and others did, sooner!

He must have had someone draft this for him as I am sure he is not quite that literate. They are scared that the money train will stop, so stop buying SOUND CHOICE disks new from anywhere because they have SC secret sellers, of which they have many on eBay alone!

If I was the owner of a multi-million dollar company do you think I would waste my time harrasing someone who lives week to week? This guy $chlep has deep issues and way too much time on his hands, browsing DJ forums, eBay, Craigslist and personal Karaoke websites looking for his next victm that he can strong arm into forking over $6500!

"$chlep I dare you to take me to court, come on fat boy, $h&! or get off the pot! I will embarass you and broadcast it to the whole world, I can't wait!" It has been a year since Sound Choice has slandered hundreds of Karaoke people, he has cost many jobs in an area with over 10% unemployment, has threatened many restaurants into stopping karaoke all together and left the public feeling like it's just not worth it to go to karaoke anymore. What a great guy!

If you agree to sign the SC contract you are admitting that you are a Pirate! If you have signed it already stop pointing fingers at others, you have no credibility because you are an admitted PIRATE!

"Dear karaokefever,

Actually would appreciate any and all info you can provide. I am not a legal mind per se, but it seems to me that first they marketed these discs to professionals and then years later when their own bad decisions have left them as a failed business they pull out this "oh you cant make any money using our discs without giving us a piece". if that were so then the entire music industry would require you to lease music from them as well. We all have been dj's for a very long time doing exactly that using other people music to run our businesses,. how is it that sound choice can suddenly change the rules on use of music? It isn't even their music! Its a copy of someone else s music. it does not belong to them in the first place. They paid ( inmost cases), to be able to copy the original music ( sometimes badly) and sell those copies. I'd love to sue them for every song they put out, (& i paid for) that sucked so bad no one wants to hear it.

Not to mention for all the damn discs that included mostly trash and drivel along with one song that was popular. I think paying 22 bucks for one damn song is more than enough to last for a lifetime of use and if it wasn't then shame on them for selling it too cheap. You do not get to go back and say " hey you like that pair of pants? i want you to pay for them again! After all they are a knock off of a very chic designer and you are making money while you wear them. Oh and we don't make pants anymore so we need the money.
Ridiculous don't you think? I dont think the copyist is a protected class for intellectual property especially once they have asked for and received the money they were asking for the product.

good talking to you

Kurt $chlep said in an open forum that he has a record of us purchasing 300 disks from SC this year, That's a $6500 street value, since in their settlement they give you 300 disks (I'd say that maybe it's time to leave us alone).

Thunder karaoke (Charlottesville's worst KJ), ran off of disks for years and I attended his shows (in pain, hurts your ears). I knew exactly what brands of disks he had and how many (all he had were cheap brands, in "4" 100 disk binders that were not full, Zero SC, Zero!). He bought a laptop and the next day he had every single SC song, now he is the d!@# pointing fingers at everyone else! He is an admitted Pirate and now is helping to point fingers at everyone else, guilty or not! He's so full of himself that he said in an open forum that he ran a complete show using nothing but SC songs (that must have sucked since there are no new songs for the last two years, plus SC is known for having terrible renditions of country, very bad timing and half a$$ put together lyrics, many times with incorrect words)!

Running your shows off of a "SERVER" is legal so everyone should look into it as long as it is not streaming (I don't need one because I rarely do a karaoke show, DJing is easier, keeps more people happy, you get more respect and pays better) . Just be sure that the same song does not play at the same exact time in two places. In the contract SC makes you agree not to use a server because they know it is legal and when everyone catches on they can no longer scare you into emptying your wallets. Why have thousands of usless disks or songs that you are not able to use? Most KJ's I know have around 20,000 songs, how many do you need before you can split them into two systems? Two systems means you need 120 songs a night, MAX!

I don't have to prove I have a single disk, They have to prove I don't! This proves I have atleast 30. So I can run 30 different karaoke shows at the same time.

They want money coming in not going out. The only way they could be granted discovery would be for them to have proof beyond a shadow of a doubt. This is why coercion and threats seem to be working for them. Profits are their business and business is good! So tell your fellow KJs to read this before signing any admission of guilt to SC. If you do choose to deal with them, make them re-write the contract, too many areas where they can harass re-sue and control you forever. Remember all they want is your hard erned money!

They could care less if you make $25 a night after expenses and have $40,000 in original disks.

If they want me to stop telling the truth they can do my buy back idea, which is buy all my SC disks for $18 each and start by buying this item but I have 4 complete sets of foundations and bricks to get rid of.

Question & Answer Answered On
Q: hi I have many sound choice discs but lately i have seen where sound choice seems to be telling me i can not even play their disc at a karaoke show unless i buy some special discs that i would not own but lease. this seems ridiculous to me and i don't understand how they can suddenly demand this of us didn't they know when we bought them in the first place that we were going to do shows with them how many hobbyists buy thousands of dollars worth of discs like we do. Didn't they market these discs to professionals? now they expect us to buy them again? can you tell me your strategy for defeating this blatant act of robbery? Jan-08-11
A: They are getting very good at extortion. There are laws in place to protect you, one of which is FAIR USE LAW. According to fair use you have the right to play in a perfoamance any music you own whether you purchased through their company or it is a gift or loaned to you as long as the same songs are not playing from the same disk in two places at once. Therefore you can breakdown a disk into the sub components of seperate songs if you need to. As when you purchase a sinlge from Itunes or Amazon, etc. You do not have to own the entire disk. You are correct in assuming that Sound Choice is robbing you along with every person they can convince to sign their idiotic contract. Chartbusters is coming out with a new system to counter piracy which will include a liscense key you attach to your computer to allow play. This I think will eliminate the need for policing the industry and keep the honest people honest! Sound choice is a sad excuse of a company grasping at straws trying to get a buc for nothing! Dragging people through the mud and they act like they are the victims. I have recently lost a gig where the ownership stated legal fees associated with my work there so I have one my reason to sue those *******s. I have done nothing wrong and if I did they have had over a year to take me to court! I have a feeling they will be summoned as a defendant before I get one! At a current loss of $10,000 per year at that venue I expect to have a very good Slander, Loss of income and Defamation of Character case against them on top of the Eagles disk case we are working on. Let me know if this helps you or if you need me to point you to some legal statute pages regarding public performances.
Q: What Kurt and Derick are doing is extortion plain and simple. Why should us honest KJ's have to deal with their bad financial decisions. I do think the nerve of those blundering idiots to call other people thieves is laughable. Oh and this is to the two brothers, only because I know you read this, YOU HAD BETTER STOP HAVING FREINDS SELL THOSE ILLEGAL DISCS. We already have one that has given a statement and will be involved in the lawsuit. Oh yea, and to let you know I feel that you are seriously ****ing off Norbert, Tony, Michael, Chris, anong others. They are so ready to bury what's left of your pathetic business. Thanks for selling me stolen merchandise, I really appreciate it and soon you will find out just how much. You have the nerve to say good luck to Nigel, well I say good luck to you. The can of worms you have opened up will destroy you and hopefully leave you homeless. If you just hadn't accused honest people this never would have come up. Signed, 7000 discs strong!!!!! Dec-18-10
A: You go boy, I am with you 100%, 700 sound choice disks and still selling...
Q: Nigel, More information for you. Kurt and Derick are currently running an illegal operation out of Austrailia. They are currently selling SC discs but REFUSE to ship to the US. Since the copy right laws there are very lienent, they are allowed to continue. Another fun fact is that it wasn't just the Eagles that sued them, but a lot more. I am currently trying to negetoiate with several artists lables in order to try and sue SC along with Kurt and Derick for selling stolen intecuual rights. (SALE OF STOLEN PROPERTY) By doing such they have made 1000's ok KJ's criminals. Thereare several other charges that we are planning on bring to the suit as well. Also if we can convience the local authorities, internet fraud will be among those charges. Now on SC's side I am against pirates. I currently own near 7000 karaoke discs to which over 1100 of them are SC. I would absolutely love to to go to court with those idiots just for an embarrasment factor. Dec-18-10
A: Hell yeah I knew they were crooks!
Q: Nigel, Do you really feel the need for another lawsuit against you! You keep this up and you will be getting one sooner than later I have been copying and pasting every one of these that I come across, I realize you are pretty stupid but you are helping your situation. If you hadn't tried to cover up the fact that you were running a pirtated system you wouldn't be in the mess you are in now! Good Luck! Dec-13-10
A: By the way I play as much SOUND CHOICE as I can. ROTFLMFAO. Come and bring your camera. I have every song, come and request one. You must be really stupid to think you can get away with your coercion you are pathetic. I offered to show all my disks a year ago but you just wanted the money! Karaoke is a two day a week embarassment.... Let's go to court dumbass I am waiting!

Just want to add I don't know this person , just read it and thought I would bounce it off the soundboard, in helping me come to my own conclusion on things.

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Any wagers that this "NIgel" troll is also not owning any of his DJ'd music? It's people like that that are going to wake up the sleeping giants of the music industry- then ASCAP, BMI and the like won't go after the venues- they'll go after the DJ's. If you think the KAPA lawsuits are insulting, wait 'till someone orders a cease-and-desist and threatens to audit your MUSIC library!

Taking piracy out of karaoke and putting it where it belongs: On the high seas, yarr...

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